Friday, January 8, 2016

30 Day Challenge ~ week one

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To start off the New Year of 2016 I have join Leslie Saeta Challenge of 30 painting in 30 days again. 
(not to late to join in on the fun) 

Here are my 7 studio painting and one day fail Plein Air painting in Maypearl, Texas  

1st day of the 30 Day Challenge  
Evening Sunset (C)
3 1/2" X 5" on linen Masonite Board

2nd day of the 30 Day Challenge 
Bluebonnets (C)
12"X 12" Box canvas 
The Painting continues on all four side.  

3rd day of the 30 Day Challenge 
Texas Flag & Bluebonnets (C)
4"X 4" Box canvas 
The Painting continues on all four side.

4th day of the 30 Day Challenge 
Brazos river in West Columbia, Texas (C)
Graphite drawing on a 8"X 10" Canvas Board 

5th day of the 30 Day Challenge
The Blue Butterfly (C)
3 1/2" X 5" Linen Masonite Board 

6th day of the 30 day challenge 
Serene (C)
3 1/2" X 5" Linen Masonite Board

7th day of the 30 day challenge
Surfside Beach at the Gulf of mexico, Texas (C) 
5"X 7" Canvas Board 

8th day of the 30 day challenge  
Plein Air - Dr Pepper
5"X 7" Linen Masonite Board

This week I told my son, No more hit and miss on him learning to drive. So I had him drive me to Maypearl so I could get a little Plein Air in (It did not pan out the way I thought it would have).
As we where heading out the door I grab my small Plein Air bag and out the door I go. Once we get to Maypearl and I found this Dr. Pepper sign painting on the wall of an old building so I set up. 
To my surprise I find that I had my acrylic paints and not my oils with me. STRIKE -1 
Beside some of my paints have dried out. STRIKE -2 
I even forgot that I had taken some of my brush out of my bag too. STRIKE -3 I'AM OUT OF THE GAME! 

Over all it was a good learning too

Until next time my friends. Keep creating. 

And remember I have place my son writing pen on my web site . So come on over and check them out. 

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