Saturday, December 26, 2015

Trying something new...

Welcome to my new blog "What's on JD Easel"

I am a Acrylic artist and have been struggling with Plein Air for the last two years. 
So this coming New Year of 2016 I'am planning on trying something different with Plein Air. 

I had to admit to my self that I needed to lay down my Acrylic paints and brushes when out in the field but what can I use? 

Well as we were coming home from Southern California in late November I had read a book call Drawing 365-Tips & Techniques to build your confidence & skills by Katherine Tyrrell. 
One of the things that the book talk about was drawing what you see outside a moving vehicle quickly. 
So on the way back home I try it.

Here is a sketch that I did while hubby drove across Az. I only gave myself 5 mins to get in the mountains and some of the land.   
Once I got the basic in I then added the weeds to kill time. Then while we were in Gila Bend, Az  I saw this Gila Monster (wall hanging) on the wall of a building and I knew I had to draw it. 

(This drawing is done with a writing pen and color pencils) 

All this got me thinking about Plein Air and my Acrylic paints. What if I just sketch or draw? But I do love color so why don't I add some color pencils to my sketches or I do like to play around with Pastel? Why not give that a shot. 

Then the other day I read a blog by Phil Starke Studio call Trying a Different Medium and I had to try it that too. 

 So I thought, I want to try something different to made the sketch/drawing my own. Why not try to draw on a canvas. 
(This 8"x 10" drawing on a tinted canvas panel. 
This is the Brazos River in West Columbia, Texas.)

Will to tell the truth I did not like this board for the linen was not fine nor tight. Also I found that the graphite acts just like a soft pastel, every lose. So my great plan was to spray it with fixative so I would not wipe away my drawing. Little did I know that the fixative would turn the drawing a little darker than I wanted it.
Something to think about next time....

So the next day I go back to sketch/drawing but this time I add something new. 
(This drawing is of Three Bluebonnets that I took pics of while on the Bluebonnet Trail in the countryside of Ellis County.)
I started this pencil drawing with two to three stages of graphite and then I use three to five colors of color pencils. But I must say that once I was done my hand hurt and I felt like Fred Sanford

 but is was worth it.

Next I want to try my hand with Pastels so I took my Snowman Cookie Jar and did a still life.

In the blog by Phil Starke Studio call Trying a Different Medium. Mr. Starke talk about how he uses his watercolors or hard pastel to make a small plein air sketch to take back to the studio for a bigger painting. 

After trying my hand and thing about the medium that I just tried, I must say that I am going to go back to my first medium that I had learn how to paint with and that is Oils. But this time I will use water base oil so that my hands don't brake out. Plus I will use sketch/drawing as other way to Plein Air too.  

Until next time my friends. Keep creating. 

And remember I have place my son writing pen on my web site. So come on over and check them out. 

I am deeply grateful for your support, comments and business and a huge thanks to all of those who have recently purchased my paintings and ornaments. It means a lot to me.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read the newsletter.

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