Monday, October 12, 2015

Welcome to my new blog "What's on JD Easel"

Since it's October I would I to start off with wishing everyone a BIG HAPPY HARVEST 
This painting is by a unknown artist.

To start off my new blog I want to post a drawing that I did a while back.

This pic is of Zoe. She is a owners son pit bull pup of a pet shop that I use to visit in Yucaipa, Ca to get photos of the birds and to buy food for my son turtle. Will one day I walk in to buy some turtle food when I spot Zoe. I ask the owner son if I could take pictures of her and he said yes. So I had the owners son place Zoe on top of the counter so I could take pictures of her. After several shots she gave me this look of "Are you done yet?" 
I love that look so much that I place her in a Pumpkin costume and surrounded the color penile/graphite drawing by adding a wood graphite rub for a October - November look. 

I call this drawing 
Pumpkin Pup
8" x 10" on Academic Heavy Weight Paper with a Matt 
11"x 14".

Once I was done I added this drawing to my collection of art work to use for art show. But now I have appreciated it long enough and I am now placing it up for sale. 

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Until next time my friends. Keep Creating.

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I am deeply grateful for your support, comments and business and a huge thanks to all of those who have recently purchased my paintings and ornaments. It means a lot to me.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read my personal blog.

Do you have a wall that needs to be filled? or perhaps replaced with an image that inspires you? Or a memory you would like captured? 

Than I would love to talk to you about doing a commission painting for you.   

And thank you for your support, your love of art and for letting me sharing my art with you.

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